Daryl Thompson

My name is Daryl Thompson (a.k.a., "Daryl The Writer"). I am a Professional Namer. I specialize in creating great product and business names. "I will create an amazing name identity for your company, product, service or innovation."

What’s so important about a name you ask? Everything! Simply put, naming is the single most important piece of marketing you will ever do for your company or product. Your name is the essence of your brand, it defines you. Paraphrasing Mark Twain, “the difference between having the right name and a mediocre name is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.” Naming is my passion and I will take pride in creating a memorable name that will give your brand a boost, set it apart from the competition and put it on the right trajectory.

Along with a memorable name, here are five important reasons why every business should also have its own original tagline:

  1. The right tagline attracts immediate attention to your business
  2. Along with your logo and name, it's part of your brand identity
  3. It's an excellent opportunity to make a powerful statement
  4. It makes it easier to memorize your company's name
  5. It makes you proud of your business image