Daryl Thompson

Personal Statement

My goal is creating names for your business and/or products that stick.


Professional Namer - Freelance

Through various crowd sourcing sites, I have crafted Names and Tagline for a wide spectrum of small businesses and products. I have also crafted names for international branding agencies such as Yum Branding, Nomen UK, It’s Raining Names and Ink & Key Branding. My Namer and tagline credits include:

A Without Walls Office Space Company — Name (Collabritori)

Storage Company — Name (Zorage)

Travel Website — Name (TravelZingo.com)

RegisterViper.com — Tagline (Make Your Name Immortal)

TruPlanet — Tagline (Life Powered By Goodness)

Elizabeth County, TN — City Tagline (When Nature Calls, Make It An Adventure)

Educator/Teacher - New York City Department of Education

An educator for the New York City Public School System.


Public Administration, Master's Degree - Metropolitan College of New York

Education, Bachelor of Science Degree - Southern Illinois University - Carbondale


Professional Namer, Sloganeer, Copywriter

I am a Professional Namer who specializes in crafting great product and business names along with original taglines.


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