Daryl Thompson

Epidemic Sound

From Vinyl To Music Downloads

On a bright, sunny, Tuesday afternoon, 35 years ago, I remember declaring my independence, packing up my old Datsun 240 Z and heading off to college. I remember moving into my 12 by 20 foot dorm room. Now, being a total music lover, my first order of business was of course to set up my elaborate sound system. First, I drug in the 27 milk crates filled with Pink Floyd, Neil Young, and REO Speedwagon cassettes and vinyl records.

Aww, but then came the main event. I remember setting up my elaborate piecemeal stereo system. I remember connecting my Sansui AU-717 integrated amplifier and TU-717 tuner to the Sansui 4000 receiver. Then connecting the Philips GF714 Sterio Record Player, Sanyo RD 8400A Cassette Deck and the Dynaco A-25 speakers.

I will tell you, I spent hours untangling wires and constructing shelving out of the milk crates. But once I had finished, I had my dolby sound, noise reduction technology and over a thousand cassettes and records, what more could a 19 year old ask for out of life?

Yeah, those were the days. But now, fast forward 35 years. I'm all grown up, a family (wife and two kids), a successful career winding, but my love of music has never dissipated. However, no more wires to untangle, no more milk crates to stack and no more equipment to piece together. All I have now is my laptop.

The old-fashioned way of buying, selling, producing and listening to music is dead. From the vinyl records to downloads the music industry has changed with technology. New Technology and cutting edge innovations that is what Epidemic Sound is all about. In fact, using the Epidemic Sound business model, you will gain the knowledge and techniques you will need to build your music business into a six-figure income.